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T H E 
B U T 

W A 
T H E 



iiwfriiOPigio SysieiDS, Idc 

More than six man-years in the mak- 
ing. Ultima V: Warriors of Destiny sets 
a new standard for role-playing adven- 

No other game has ever offered a world 
so beautifully detailed — or an adven- 
ture so exciting. Ultima V: Warriors of 
Destiny will enchant the novice and 
challenge the expert. 

Enter the realm of Britannia: a world 
nch in history and intrigue. Lord 
British, Britannia's benevolent ruler, 
has been lost on an expedition to 
explore a vast and newly discovered 

When a lone survivor arrives with news 
of the expedition's fate, panic erupts. 
To restore p)eace. Blackthorn seizes con- 
trol. However, his fanatical devotion 
to order transforms him into a self- 
righteous tyrant. 

The future of Britannia and its p>eople 
depends on your ability to discover the 
fate of Lord British and unseat 

Your quest will be long and challeng- 
ing. And this exciting world will keep 
you spellbound every step of the way. 


Unprecedented variety and detail, 

♦ A vast new underground world as 
large as Britannia itself, with a host 
of new creatures. 

♦ Over 30 towns and castles to 
explore, some with up to five levels. 

♦ Twice as much animated detail as 
Ultima IV — you hear the murmur 
of water fountains and watch as 
hghthouses cut a swathe of light 
through the night! 


A powerful new combat system. 

♦ Fire weapons in any direction, at 
any angle. 

♦ Battle with flying axes, arrows, and 
rushing winds of flame. 

♦ Clone fighters, conjure up demons, 
or cast sp)ells to conscript members 
of the enemy's party. 

Time doesn't just pass, you 
experience it, 

♦ Drawbridges are raised and portcul- 
lises dropp>ed at night, trapping you 
inside or outside of towns. 

♦ Travel is more perilous at night than 
during the day. 

♦ You can't visit shops at night (after 
shopkeepers have gone home). 

♦ Individuals have their own daily 
routines. So you not only have to 
know whom to sp)eak with, but 
where and when! 



Technical support from Ongin Systems 
can be reached at (603) 644-3360 
Entertainment products from Ongin 
Systems arc distributed by Br^erbund 
Software. Inc., T7 Paul Drive, San 
RafacL Ca 94905-2101 

Prod'jct Fact Sheet 

Title: Ultima V: Warriors of Destiny 

Publisher: Origin Systems. Inc. 
Hardware Compatibility: Apple ii+/iie/iic/ :gs 
Medium: Four 5-1/4" disks 
Interface: Keyboard 

Memory Requirements: 64K (enhanced sound with 128K) 

Printers Supported: N/A 

Product Code: 75350 

Product Release Date: October 15, 1987 

Product Description: The latest in the best-selling Ultima series of fantasy role 
playing games. Lord British, the benevolent ruler of Britannia, is believed lost on an 
expedition exploring new frontiers. Your mission is to discover his fate and defeat 
Blackthorn who has seized control of the realm. 

Special Features: This all new Ultima challenge offers a powerful new combat 
system with perilous weapons, treacherous demons and mystifying spells. You are 
introduced to a vast new world with over thirty complex towns and castles, many with 
up to five levels. Novice players will be enchanted and drawn into this richly detailed 
adventure that the expert fantasy role playing gamers have eagerly awaited. They 
won't be disappointed. 

Support Materials in Package: Reference card, guide book, cloth map, 
special extras. 

Target Audience: Enthusiasts of fantasy role playing games-experienced and 
novice players alike. 

Suggested Retail Price: $59.95 

Other Versions: Coming soon-Commodore 64/128 

Richard Garriott 
on Ultima V 

Presentation: Room 208B 

Sunday, May 22 nd 
3:00 to 3:30 pm